Fiberglass Assistant Fabricator

Reports To: Fabrication Manager


A Fiberglass Assistant Fabricator is responsible for assisting in laminating fiberglass onto Storyland’s custom fabricated pieces while ensuring quality in tight deadlines.

This position requires a competent understanding of formal drawings, plans, and sketches.

This position involves daily manual labor and physical demands including, but not limited to: standing, walking, crouching, stooping, kneeling, squatting, and bending for extensive lengths of time. It also requires full-body movements including, but not limited to, the use of hands, feet, arms, legs, back, and torso; along with the ability to push, pull and lift.

The Lead Fiberglass Assistant Fabricator must be able to lift and carry 100 pounds daily without fatigue, have excellent eyesight with or without correction, and must be medically approved by a physician to wear a respirator.

The Fiberglass Assistant Fabricator must also be able to work under various temperatures such as extreme heat or cold since the studio is not fully enclosed during business hours.


Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned:

  • Able to communicate effectively with team members.
  • Reliably commute to work daily and be on time.
  • Operate and maintain a fiberglass chopper gun sprayer Apply gel coat using sprayers, brushes, and rollers.
  • Hand lay-up laminates using fiberglass mat or cloth and properly catalyzed resin.
  • Laminate fiberglass layers together, removing air bubbles with rollers and brushes.
  • Fiberglass mold making with parting line flanges and structural wood framework.
  • Prepare molds properly with wax and release agents.
  • Cut and grind of FRP parts.
  • Practice good safety habits and maintain a clean and safe work environment.
  • Follow all OSHA and HazMat Safety Procedures applicable for usage on machines, storage and the handling of chemicals, resins and other materials used in fiberglass.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot equipment, while reporting malfunctions of equipment or new required equipment to supervisor.
  • Label and properly dispose of chemicals used in the fiberglass dept and other hazardous material.
  • Other related duties as required.
  • Will be expected to work overtime and flexible hours as needed to meet production schedules and dept. needs.
  • Treat fellow team members and supervisors with respect.


To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate these qualities:

  • Analytical Creatively problem solves both internal and external issues/situations.
  • Creativity – Uses creativity appropriately to drive progress and encourages others to do the same.
  • Team Work Balances team and individual responsibilities; Contributes to building a positive team spirit; Able to build morale and group commitments to goals and objectives; Supports everyone’s efforts to succeed; Recognizes accomplishments of other team members.
  • Initiative Volunteers readily; Seeks increased responsibilities; Looks for and takes advantage of opportunities.
  • Manages Time – Accurately estimates the time required to complete actions and activities; adheres to schedules and timetables; sensitive to the use of other people’s time.
  • Pursues Self-Development – Demonstrates ambition and desire to move forward in his/her career; seeks feedback on ways to increase his/her performance; takes advantage of opportunities to build new skills and capabilities.
  • Teamwork – Contributes to building a positive team spirit; Supports everyone’s efforts to succeed.