Prepare to be challenged!

Over the years we’ve had the undeniable privilege of working on many projects with our friends at VITRO in San Diego. VITRO is consistently brewing and bringing up innovating ideas and this particular collaboration with VITRO for Asics shoes was no exception. The Trojan Horse proved to be one of our more interesting and challenging projects to date.

The idea was to create a large scale Trojan Horse brand experience that could travel to various fitness events around the country as part of Asics' Next Epic Challenge. The horse would need to be interactive and actually propose fitness challenges to people passing by. Those brave enough to accept the challenge would be awarded with a prize for their efforts.

Our team sprang into action in creating a maquette (small scaled model) of the idea for Vitro to present to Asics and they were floored! We immediately got to work building out the full 16-foot tall version which included realistic fabricated wood, an integrated PA system and a mechanism to dispense prizes out of the horse’s mouth. Check out the video below to see this project in action.