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Craft and Collaboration Under One Roof

We Exist to do the Remarkable

Storyland Studios was built from Styrofoam. Not literally, of course, we have a real building and employees, but that is where our story begins.

Mark Harrington started Storyland studios in 1996. Originally, the shop was called “Harrington and Sons Inc.” and focused on the plaster and stucco business. As with most small businesses, we took on projects no matter the challenge. One time a project called for the production of 25 human-sized Styrofoam balls. At the time, we didn’t know how to make them ourselves. But did that stop us? No! We put on our scrappy hats, summoned all of our creative energy, and figured out how to make them in house! That’s when the name “Foam Works” was born.

Before too long, we grew and a baby girl was added to the family. “Harrington and Sons Inc.” didn’t quite fit, and we decided the name “Foam Works” limited the scope of work and services that we actually offered. Thanks to one of our employees, we got the name Storyland Studios.

At Storyland Studios, we believe in working hard and making the highest quality products to delight and inspire our clients.


Whether you are a client or an employee, when you join our team, you join our family. We have a place here for you.


There's no room for anything less than full honesty in our studio. We own up to our mistakes as much as our successes. 


What we start, we finish. You have our full attention, from the moment we meet until the end of each project.


We never overlook even the smallest details. Your project will live as another example of our impeccable standard of quality.